Jacqueline M. Kinder

Jackie Kinder is a trial lawyer successfully defending individuals and corporations in complex personal injury lawsuits involving products liability, dram shop, motor carrier and premises liability, as well as insurance litigation and vehicle warranty litigation in Missouri and Illinois.
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Jackie Kinder has been a trial lawyer for twenty years, trying cases to verdict in courtrooms throughout the States of Missouri and Illinois.  Jackie has successfully tried cases and obtained defendants’ verdicts for her clients in the areas of commercial auto and motor carrier liability, premises liability, products liability, dram shop litigation, wrongful death litigation, and the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.  She has defended her clients to verdict in litigation involving millions of dollars being sought in both actual and punitive damages. With her background in the Appellate Court, Jackie continues to successfully raise legal defenses throughout the litigation process resulting in early successful resolutions on behalf of her clients.

Jackie began her career by being awarded a clerkship with the Honorable Kathianne Knaup Crane on the Missouri Court of Appeals, and then transitioned into her practice as a trial lawyer.  For her entire career as a trial lawyer, Jackie has concentrated her trial work in the defense of businesses and individuals, both insured and those clients that are self-insured.  This experience has provided Jackie with an extensive knowledge in the successful handling of complex litigation matters, including taking cases to trial and obtaining defense verdicts in multi-million-dollar cases.  In addition to her trial work, Jackie advises and assists her clients in pre-suit investigations, claim handling and bad faith issues.

Jackie has consistently received awards in the areas of trial practice and for her trial results, including twice receiving one of the top five defense verdicts in Missouri awarded by Missouri Lawyers Weekly for obtaining defense verdicts in cases worth several millions of dollars and consistently being recognized as a Super Lawyer and by Best Lawyers Magazine.    Jackie routinely speaks to groups in the insurance industry on current issues facing them and proper handling of pre-suit matters, claims and litigation.

Recent Results

Past Results

  • Tanjie Hoover v. Blake Wilson, Pettis County, June 2021, 20PT- CC00140 Wrongful death case involving claims against defendant for driving over 100 miles per hour, after drinking alcohol, hitting a tree, killing two passengers. Request of jury $7,000,000. Jury verdict for Plaintiff $28,000.
  • Ramsey v. Grand Imports LLC, Arbitration St. Louis City, January 2021, No.213731 Missouri Merchandising Practices Act case against a car dealership for selling a used Lexus with engine problems and misrepresenting condition of car. Arbitration award for Defendant.
  • Breads v. Charles and Trudy Hunt, Pettis County, February 2020, 18PT-CC00187 Dram shop case against business for selling intoxicating liquors to driver, who drove into tree, and resulted in passenger being life flighted from the scene. Request of jury $5,000,025. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • McCoy v. River City Foundations, June 2019, St. Charles County, 1711-CC00422 Automobile accident case against business and its driver for pulling out in front of Plaintiff on two lane highway resulting in an accident. Plaintiff had multiple hip surgeries and claimed over $200,000 in damages. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Adam Hall v. A-TLC Moving Company, October 2018, Boone County- 16BA-CV02970 Automobile accident case where Defendant’s employee driver rear-ended Plaintiff resulting in injuries. Plaintiff presented past medical damages as well as over $100,000 in future medical care, including surgery. Jury verdict for Plaintiff $7,500.
  • Ulrich v. Lloyds Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Big A’s on the Landing, October 2017, St. Charles County, 1511-CC00659, Premises liability case against a restaurant where elderly patron fell off of the front steps of the restaurant, which were jagged on the end, resulting in a fractured hip and hip surgery. Request of jury $250,000. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Flora v. Service Master Select April 2017, St. Louis County, 14SL CC03669, Negligence and punitive damages case against restoration company with allegations of a cover up for cutting into flooring and spreading asbestos through the home during a water clean up. Claims of over $100,000 in asbestos clean up and renovations to the home as a result of asbestos exposure as well as future medical care in the millions of dollars. Jury verdict for Plaintiff $30,000.
  • Adkison v. Spartan Utility Services and Thomas Cross, February 2017, Franklin County, 13AB-CC00176, Automobile accident case where Defendant gave Plaintiff a ride on the tailgate of his pick-up truck, causing her to fall off and suffer traumatic brain injuries. Request of the jury $1,400,000. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Gentili v. Lakebrink, January 2017, Franklin County 14AB-CC00211 Motorcycle accident case against company and its driver for making a left turn in front of Plaintiff on his motorcycle causing an accident and injuries. Request of jury $97,000. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Becker v. Spencer, July 2015, Camden County, 13CM-CC00060 Electrocution case where Plaintiff sued Defendant when he was electrocuted when swimming off of Defendant’s dock at the Lake of the Ozarks. Last demand $250,000. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Stanley Sakabu v. Regency Construction Company, May 2015, St. Charles County 0911-CV04658 Explosion case where Plaintiff sued Defendant whose subcontractor plumber caused an explosion in Plaintiff’s basement when using tools on a remodel, not knowing Plaintiff had black powder in his basement. Claims for property damage exceeding $50,000. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Paul Dumey v. Jon VanMarter, May 2015, Jefferson County, 10JE CC01080 Automobile accident case where Defendant backed up into Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff claimed a future double fusion surgery on his neck. Request of the jury $120,000. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Jornel Williams v. Jacob Shepard and Breckenridge Automotive, March 2015, St. Louis City, 1322-CC09026 Automobile accident case where automobile dealership Defendant’s employee rear ended the elderly Plaintiffs resulting in them going to the emergency room and shoulder surgery. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Anthony Arcese v. Daniel Schmitt and Company, September 2014, St. Louis County, 11SL-CC04781 Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and Fraud claim against car dealership for selling $60,000 Cadillac to Plaintiff, a deal Plaintiff wanted to back out of. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Williams v. Cherry Corp Inc., September 2013, Macoupin County, 10-L-33 Premises liability claim against Defendant who was hosting a sale outdoors and Plaintiff fell on property due to a hole/uneven surface in grass. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Fadler v. Tyler & Sons, LLC, July 2013, Jefferson County, 12JE-CC00344 Negligence claim against Defendant for allowing old pieces of glass to be used at a charity golf tournament where Plaintiff punched the glass and suffered degloving injuries to his hand. He had plastic surgery and incurred over $60,000 in medical bills. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Rohen v. Servicemaster Select, February 2013, St. Charles County, 1011-CV11543 Negligence claim against Defendant for leaving equipment used in cleaning up a water loss at Plaintiff’s home in a hallway, causing Plaintiff to fall and tear his Achilles tendon. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • James Morris v. Essentia Insurance Company, January 2013, Green County, 1031-CV16285 Breach of contract case against insurer by loss payee under policy for the value of antique vehicles insured under the policy that loss payee claimed were stolen. Claim was denied by insurer on the basis that the vehicles were not stolen. Jury verdict for Defendant insurance company.
  • Scharnhorst v. Halvorsen, July 2012, St. Louis County, 10SL-010189 Automobile accident where Plaintiff claims he was rear-ended by Defendant Halvorson, who was rear-ended by Co-Defendant Mohrmann resulting in neck injuries. Jury verdict for Defendant Halvorson.
  • Moore v. Pineville Bowling Center, LLC, January 2012, McDonald County, 10MC-CV00290 Premises liability case against Defendant for condition of bowling lanes being too slick, resulting in Plaintiff falling and breaking her arm. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Adkisson v. Metro Materials, Inc. et al., January 2012, St. Louis County, 08SL-CC04617, Automobile accident where Defendant’s employee driver collided with Plaintiff at highway speeds when Plaintiff was merging onto the highway. Jury verdict for Defendants.
  • Herbert v. D&R Leasing et al., October 2011, Lincoln County, 08L6-CC00176 Wrongful death case involving a car accident resulting the deaths of three children and serious injuries to others. Plaintiff driver pulled in front of a semi and claimed the Defendant blocked her from crossing the road, resulting in her being stuck in the semi’s path. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Polk v. Denneke Company d/b/a Allstar Concrete Pumping, January 2011, Jefferson County, 08JE-CC01628 Negligence claim against Defendant for allowing Plaintiff to direct the pumping hose while pouring concrete, which got a kink in it, and whipped back breaking Plaintiff’s arm, resulting in surgery. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Bowdish v. Twenty Seven-O-Five Holding Co., Spencer Creek Apartments LC, Melvin Rabushka Real Estate and Kleeschulte Inc., March 2010, St. Charles County, 0711-CV-03892 Premises liability case against Defendant for failing to properly remove snow and ice from an apartment complex resulting in Plaintiff falling and fracturing his hip. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Stancombe v. Davern, July 2007, Crawford County, 03CV83 6463 Wrongful death claim against Defendant who was driving a vehicle when he ran off of the road killing the minor son of the Plaintiff. Jury verdict in favor of Defendant, upheld on appeal No. SD 28636.
  • Jian Ping Cai v. Holloway April 2007, Cape Girardeau County, 05CG-AC01642 Automobile accident case with counterclaim for damages by Defendant. Jury verdict for Plaintiff and Defendant.
  • Peterson Transport v. Hoffman Plumbing, March 2007, St. Louis City, 052 7689 Automobile accident paid by Defendant’s insurer and ultimately went to trial on Defendant’s counterclaim for contribution. Jury verdict for Defendant.
  • Darren Frye v. Davern, May 2006, St. Louis City, 042-528 Automobile accident case against Defendant who was driving a vehicle when he ran off of the road seriously injuring Plaintiff passenger. Jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff for $25,000 for injuries.

Professional Affiliations

  • Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis
  • Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers
  • Women’s Lawyers Association
  • International Association of Defense Counsel

Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded a Top Defense Verdict in state of Missouri for Breads v. Busch and Hunt Enterprises LLC, Missouri Lawyers Weekly (2020)
  • Best Lawyers - Insurance Law, The Best Lawyers in America (2021-2022)
  • Best Lawyers - Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants, The Best Lawyers in America (2021-2022)
  • Up & Coming Award, Missouri Lawyers Weekly (2017)
  • Super Lawyers - Civil Litigation Defense, Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers (2015-2019)
  • Rising Star - Civil Litigation Defense, Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers (2009, 2011-2014)
  • Awarded a Top Defense Verdict in State of Missouri for Starkloff v. Famous Five Theatres, Missouri Lawyers Weekly (2011)


Speaking Engagements

  • Presenter, "A Defense Perspective: How to Reverse the Effects on Anchoring in Trial and Negotiations." Watters Wolf Bub Hansmann Trial & Insurance Symposium, February 2024
  • Presenter, "Pre-Suit Demands, Utilization of Experts & Additional Issues," Watters Wolf Bub Hansmann Trial & Insurance Symposium, January 2023
  • Presenter, "Can You Spare Some Change? The Application of Recent Statutory Changes in Missouri," Brown & James General Defense & Insurance Law Symposium, January 2022
  • Presenter, "Bad Faith and Missouri: Current Trends and Observations," Brown & James Insurance Law & General Defense Symposium, January 2021
  • Presenter, “Recent Trends in Plaintiffs' Attorneys' Tactics to Drive High Verdicts and Settlements from Voir Dire to Closing,” Brown & James General Defense & Insurance Law Symposium, January 2020
  • Presenter, "Navigating Multi-Party Claims," Brown & James General Defense & Insurance Law Symposium, January 2019
  • Presenter, "Forecasting the Future: Co-Employee Liability in Missouri," Brown & James webinar, April 2018
  • Presenter, "So You Found an Incriminating Social Media Post – Now What?" Brown & James General Defense & Insurance Law Symposium, January 2018
  • Presenter, "Proposed New Venue Rules for Tort Claims," 2017 Brown & James Tort Reform Seminar: A New Day in Missouri (September 2017)
  • Presenter, "Recent Trends in Bad Faith," Brown & James Law Symposium (January 2016)
  • Presenter, "Handling the Investigation in Medical Claims," National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators, (August 2014)
  • Presenter, "The Ever-Evolving UM and UIM Law in Missouri - Where are We Now?" Brown & James Law Symposium (January 2014)
  • Presenter, "Seeing the Forest through the Trees - A Look at How the Mock Trial or Focus Group Can Assist in Narrowing the Issues of Your Case for Trial," Brown & James Law Symposium (January 2014)
  • Presenter, "The Ever-Evolving Co-Employee Liability Law - Have We Reached The End?" Brown & James Law Symposium (January 2013)
  • Presenter, "Bad Faith, Avoiding the Set-Up," Brown & James Law Symposium (January 2011)



  • Saint Louis University School of Law (J.D., 2003)
  • University of Missouri-Columbia (B.J., Journalism, magna cum laude, 2000)

Bar Admissions

  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri
  • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri
  • U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois