Joshua R. Kolb

Josh Kolb is a trial lawyer that represents automobile manufactures and automobile dealers in breach of warranty and consumer protection actions as well as defendants in the area of premises and auto liability personal injury lawsuits
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Josh Kolb represents the largest automobile manufacturer and automobile dealers throughout Missouri in breach of warranty and consumer protection actions. In addition, Josh concentrates the balance of his trial practice representing defendants in personal injury lawsuits in the premises and auto liability context.  He has regularly handled and guided his clients in matters through the Missouri appellate courts including the Missouri Supreme Court.

He has experience in all aspects of litigation and has represented individuals, businesses, and insurance carriers in hundreds of cases to date at both the pre-suit, trial and appellate levels.  This experience has not only provided Josh with extensive knowledge in his areas of concentration, but a detailed understanding of the complex legal issues at play, which he then utilizes in handling litigation and advising clients throughout the process from the pre-suit stage, through trial and at the appellate level.  He takes pride in his legal advocacy skills, as well as his persuasive writing, which have led to several successful dispositive motions and trial victories for the firm’s clients.

Josh graduated from the Saint Louis University School of Law, where he was a Dean’s Scholar, Legal Research and Writing Teaching Assistant and Faculty Fellow.  Prior to law school, Josh attended Santa Clara University where he was both pre-law and president of his fraternity.  Josh currently lives in the St. Louis area with his wife, who is also an attorney, and their two daughters.  Josh also serves as a Volunteer Special Prosecutor for the St. Louis County Family Court and routinely serves as a mock trial judge for local area competitions.

Past Results

  • Lingle v. Owners Insurance Company, Case No. 4:20-cv-500 (USDC, Western District of Missouri).  Partial summary Judgment on behalf of insurer where Court held that since no demand or offer for settlement was ever received by insurer prior to Plaintiff’s filing suit, Plaintiff could not prove all essential elements of a claim for vexatious refusal.
  • State ex rel. Barks v. Pelikan, 640 S.W.3d 105 (Mo. 2022).  Supreme Court held that Defendant’s medical records were protected by the physician-patient privilege, which she did not waive by asserting affirmative defenses that she otherwise would have forfeited had she not plead them.
  • Ramsey v. Grand Imports, LTD. d/b/a Imports, LTD., USA&M Case No. 213731.  Arbitration award in favor of Respondent where Arbitrator found there was no credible evidence presented that the vehicle was defective at time of sale.
  • McQueen, et al. v. GEICO Casualty Co., et al., Case No. 18SD-CC00082-01 (Circuit Court of Stoddard County, Mo).  Summary Judgment on behalf of insurer where Court held that payment of initial premium was a condition precedent to insurance coverage and since insurer did not receive its first payment for the policy at issue until several hours after the subject accident had occurred, there was no policy.
  • Richard and Michelle Lukens v. GEICO Casualty Company, Case No. 2111-SC00099 (Circuit Court of St. Charles, Mo).  Defense verdict in St. Charles County where Judge found that although Plaintiffs believed they were renewing their policy, the evidence showed that Plaintiffs actually applied for a new policy without collision and/or comprehensive coverage and then failed to inspect their policy when it was mailed to them.
  • Kopp v. Budget Heating Colling & Plumbing, Case No. 20L6-SC00035 (Circuit Court of Lincoln County, Mo).  Defense verdict after a bench trial where Plaintiff alleged Defendant was negligent in repairing water leaks in her basement, resulting in damage. Trial judge found that Defendant properly did work that was contracted for and found the leaks were caused by other areas of the plumbing that were not within the scope of work agreed to between the plaintiff and defendant.
  • Wolfrum v. M & H Concrete Contractors, Inc., Case No. 1811-SC00280 (Circuit Court of St. Charles County, Mo).  Defense verdict in St. Charles County where Plaintiff alleged Defendant, while performing concrete work near his home, drove up onto and damaged plaintiff’s property.  After a bench trial, Judge found Plaintiff had no claim as the alleged damaged property belonged to the City of Wentzville, who had retained insured to perform the concrete work initially.
  • Hall v. A-TLC Moving, Case. No. 16BA-CV02970 (Circuit Court of Boone County, Mo).  Directed verdict on Plaintiff’s negligence per se claim at the close of all evidence where Plaintiff alleged that Defendant violated §300.155, RSMo., with respect to his truck on the date of the accident.  After Mr. Kolb argued the directed verdict motion the trial judge held §300.155 to be inapplicable based on the evidence presented.



  • Saint Louis University School of Law
  • Santa Clara University

Bar Admissions

  • Missouri