Michael B. Maguire

Mike Maguire focuses his practice as a trial lawyer in successfully representing insureds and insurance carriers in the state and federal courts in Missouri and Illinois. His trial practice encompasses the defense of personal and bodily injury, property damage and economic loss, no matter how small or catastrophic.
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Mike Maguire has tried cases in the State and Federal courts, in Missouri and Illinois, for over thirty-five years and he has tried to conclusion well over one hundred cases, the vast majority being jury trials. The scope of Mike’s practice is broad, and he routinely handles wrongful death, dram shop, third party criminal acts, premises liability, product liability, trucking and motor vehicle collision cases. Mike has also handled cases involving the breach of the Right of Sepulcher, defamation, discrimination, pharmacy malpractice, veterinary malpractice, marine accidents, construction mishaps, and sexual abuse.

Mike is also called on upon frequently to assess pre-suit settlement demands for coverage, potential verdict and settlement value, and to evaluate possible bad faith exposure. Mike also frequently provides opinions on coverage across all types of policy forms. Mike has also been retained by several insurance carriers in the writing of all or portions of their policies.

Mike has been the recipient of the Missouri Lawyers Weekly “Most Trial Defense Verdicts In A Year (6),” as well as awards by Missouri Lawyers Weekly, for “No. 1 Trial Defense Verdict” and “Top Ten Verdicts.”  For many years, up through the present, Mike has been named a top lawyer in Best Lawyers in America, The American Registry, Saint Louis Magazine and Super Lawyers. Mike’s cases have been the subject of forty-seven reported state and federal court opinions.

Mike is the Co-Author of the Desk Book Treatise, Arson, Fraud, And First Party Insurance Law, and is a Co-Author of "Tortious Wrongful Discharge vs. Employment At Will," published in the St. Louis Bar Journal.

Recent Results

Past Results

  • Alexander Drohobyczer v. Larry J. Ashlock, Willowbrook Condominium Association, Inc. and AMC Management, LLC;  (St Louis County Circuit Court,  Sept. 2023
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company v. American Detective Services, et al., United States District Court Western District of Missouri, 5:22-cv-06049-BP (August 2023). In August of 2023, WWBH attorneys Russ Watters, Lucas Ude, John Cooney and Mike Maguire obtained summary judgment in favor of their insurer client in coverage litigation involving a class action arbitration award and judgment in excess of $54,000,000.00. Within the Order, the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri enforced the language of the policy and concluded that the willful and intentional conduct described in the arbitration award fell outside of the coverage afforded by the insurer’s policies, including the errors and omissions coverage part included therein. The Court additionally rejected arguments raised by the insured and the claimant that the insurer should be estopped from denying coverage for any reason not expressly listed in a prior reservation of rights letter issued by the insurer. This opinion is a significant victory for WWBH’s insurer client that was simultaneously being pursued in a separate garnishment case. (2023)
  • Taylor Toney v. Crissia White. Cause No. 17LI-CC00019, Linn County Circuit Court, (2022)
  • One car accident involving severe injuries to passenger with a $6,800,000 demand results in a $1,500,000 verdict.
  • Makayla Courtney v. Crissia White. Cause No. 17LI-CC00018, Linn County Circuit Court, (2022) One vehicle accident involving catastrophic injures with over $600,000 in medical and a $11,000,000 demand jury returns verdict for $2,600,000.
  • Ron Moore, Sr. v Jacob Mowry, Cause # 1531-CC01232, Circuit Court of Greene County (2018). Wrongful death action for death of a man as a result of a house fire. Plaintiffs claimed defendant liable for the death for improper Manitance and lack of fire and smoke alarms. Demand $750,000. Verdict $5,000.
  • Julian Gardner, by and through his next friend Jamie Gardener v. The City of Sunset Hills and The St. Louis Steamers Soccer Organization, Inc. Cause No. 18SL-CC03990, Circuit Court of Saint Louis County (2021); Minor plaintiff tripped and fell into a fire pit on the property of defendant causing sever burns. Demand $750,000, Verdict only $70,000.
  • Lux Motors v. Roger Kuhn v. Mirwais Qarizada, Cause # 18SL-CC00457, Circuit Court of St. Louis, County (2021); Contribution action to recover monies paid to injured party in car accident. Jury renders defendant’s verdict.
  • Parveen Mohammad v. Country Mutual Ins. Company and Leon Thompson, Jr., DBA Thompson General Contractors, Cause # 1256-CC01100, Circuit Court Of Saint Louis County, Div. 5, judge Thea Sherry presiding. Represented Thompson on claims of negligent failure to secure a roof under repair, and breach of a construction contract. Plaintiff had a separate claim against Country for breach of an insurance contract. Country was represented by James Wilke. Verdict on October 30, 2013, against Country Mutual for $703,000.00. Thompson dismissed by order of the court at the close of evidence.
  • Sharon Kikas v. Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois, Cause No. 1222-CC00428, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis, Judge Dennis Schaumann presiding. UM case with head on collusion at 45 mph. Plaintiff had $45,000 in past medical bills with a medial meniscus surgery, and future medical of $30,000 for a knee replacement. Verdict for plaintiff on July 17, 2013 for $70,000.00.
  • Ricky Patterson v. Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois, Cause No. 09AB-CC00295, Circuit Court of Franklin County. 2013. Underinsured motorist claim with vexatious refusal to pay. Torn rotator cuff, $24,000 in bills, $3000 n lost wages. Surgery. Defense verdict.
  • Michael Hurst v. Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois, Cause No. 1022-CC1829, Circuit Court of The City of Saint Louis (2013). Uninsured motorist and vexatious refusal to pay claim. Insured claimed a phantom vehicle ran him off the road. He sustained a fractured nose and maxillary sinus, had two front teeth knocked out, and various other facial lacerations requiring sutures. Past medical was $54,000 and future medical was $17,000-$20,000. Defense verdict.
  • Stephanie and Kristi Looper v. Nancy Chapman, Cause No. 09SL-CC02855, Circuit Court of Saint Louis County (2012). Rear end car accident at 35-40 mph. Mother had $79,636.56 in medical with $28,842.80 paid for two level cervical fusion, and daughter had $51,83.97 in medical with $18,28.54 paid. Verdict for mother in an amount equal to $2,542.00 and daughter at $875.00
  • Tchirhart v. Tchirhart, Cause No. 08CM-CC00315, Circuit Court of Camden County (2012). Boating accident with loss of left ring finger, alleged negligent boat driving and alleged defective dock. Plaintiff sought 1.8 Million. Jury verdict for plaintiff awarding him 150,000.00 reduced to $90,000.00 because of allocation of 40 percent of the fault to plaintiff.
  • Kevin Allen v. Great Western Timber Company, Cause No. 0711CV01034, Circuit Court of Saint Charles County (2012). Plaintiff, a 48 year old male, was employed by Great Western, which did not carry worker’s compensation insurance. While using the employers commercial chop saw, with a 22-inch blade, he severed four fingers on his left hand. He had 167,000.00 in past medical bills, and the evidence was that he would incur 58,000.00 every three years for a prosthesis and had approximately $58,000.00 in lost past wages and an indeterminate amount of future lost wages. He was a lifelong guitar player, who could no longer play. He alleged improper training, and improper guarding of the saw. The jury awarded him 1.6 million in damages, but reduced that by his allocated portion of fault, 75 percent, for a net verdict if $395,000.00, after a set-off.
  • Colleen Starkloff, as the personal representative of the Estate of Max Starkloff, and Collen Starkloff, individually, v. Famous Five Theatres, L.L.C., St. Louis City Circuit Court, Cause No. 0822-CC00086 2011); Plantiff Starkloff, a quadriplegic, and his wife entered defendant’s theatre at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. Starkloff wheeled his chair over what he alleged was an inadequately lit set of steps. He sustained a concussion, a laceration of the head with 30 stitches, two fractured ribs, a neck and thigh injury, a massive left hydropneumothorax involving two thirds of the chest wall and pleural space, a lung contusion, a partially collapsed left lung, and a plural effusion. He underwent a thoracoscopy, and a thoracotomy. Starkloff then underwent an additional left lung decortication. Plaintiffs claimed that after these injuries and surgeries, Starkloff became ventilator dependent 24/7, was unable to effectively lecture and speak, that his day to day care level increased, that his ability to speak and travel was affected and he was unable to raise funds for his organization, that he needed 24/7 professional nursing care at $300,000 per year, that he had lost wages of $56,000.00, and medical specials in excess of $200,000.00. Last pre-trial demand was 4 million dollars and plaintiffs asked the jury for 8 million dollars. Last offer was $500,000.00. Defense verdict.
  • Vera Kirn and Gail Kirn v. Alphonse and Shirley Doering, Cause No. 08MG-CC00029, Circuit Court of Morgan County (2011) Plaintiff Vera Kirn, 69 years old, fell down 14 steps at defendant’s lake house and she broke both kneecaps and had corrective surgery on one. She claimed to be permanently confined to a wheelchair. She had $90,000.00 in past medical specials. Plaintiff claimed certain defects in the stairway and landing. Defense verdict.
  • Mildred Devera v. Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois, Cause No. 0922-CC08159-01, Circuit Court of The City of Saint Louis (2011). Plaintiff made a UIM claim against Safeco, after being rear-ended and obtaining the tortfeasor’s $25,000.00 policy limit. Two months after the accident plaintiff underwent a two level cervical spinal fusion and her medical bills were $50,000.00. Verdict for plaintiff for $5,000.00, and after set-off of $25,000.00, judgment entered in favor of defendant for $0.
  • Linda Kerr v. Mark Miner, Cause No. 09SL-CC00563, Circuit Court of Saint Louis County, Missouri (2011). Plaintiff alleged the insured Mark Miner caused a four-car collision on I-44. Plaintiff alleged insured rear-ended a car behind her, that rear-ended her, and she was pushed into the car in front of her. Plaintiff underwent cervical spine fusion surgery for a herniated C4-5 disk. Her medicals bills were $78,000.00 and she had $7,000.00 in lost wages. Defense verdict.
  • Sarah Jackson v. Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, Cause No. 052-10482, Circuit Court of The City of Saint Louis (2010). A drunk driver, Heather Tabbone, rear-ended the insured Sarah Jackson at 90 mph on I-270. Tabbone died at the scene, and Jackson’s vehicle cart-wheeled off the highway, and down an embankment. Jackson sustained a cerebral concussion, a right zygomatic arch (cheekbone) fracture, a lacerated scalp, and various other soft tissue injuries. She also claimed to have sustained a traumatic brain injury, with post traumatic headaches, syncope, unilateral pupil dilation, a L5-S1 herniated disc with resulting micro-discectomy, and a permanently reversed cervical lordotic curve. Her medical bills were $44,000.00. Tabbone’s insurance company paid their limits of $50,000.00. Plaintiff brought is UIM case against her carrier seeking the $1,000,000.00 policy limit. Last demand was $800,000 and last offer was $100,000. Defense verdict for Ohio Casualty.
  • Barbara Mangogna v. Alantom, Inc. d/b/a Tucker’s Place, Cause No: 0922-CC09626, Circuit Court of The City of Saint Louis (2011). Plaintiff mis-stepped on defendant restaurant’s steps, and sustained a comminuted fracture of her right femur, which resulted in an amputation above the knee. Plaintiff claimed the steps were defective due to the fact the sidewalk and first step were of the same color aggregate concrete, which blended together. Medical specials were $553,258.35. Defense verdict.
  1. Vicky Chen v. John D. McGurks, Inc., Cause # 0722-CC1790, Division 21, Circuit Court of The City of Saint Louis (2010). Plaintiff was a 28 year old lawyer who was attending the 2007 Mardi Gras celebration in the Soulard neighborhood. She was standing outside defendant’s establishment waiting in line. Defendant’s employees ejected a problem customer who knocked plaintiff over. Plaintiff sustained multiple skull fractures, several large cerebral hemorrhages, severed cranial nerve #1, the olfactory nerve and sustained a permanent loss of smell, and claimed to have severed her pituitary stalk, resulting in amenorrhea. Plaintiff claimed $768,000 in lost wages and $21,000 in past medical bills. After two week trial Jury returned verdict for $450,000.00. Last demand was policy limits of $1,000,000.00, and last offer was $350,000,00.
  • Neil Capps v. Theresa Black and Brenda Holst, Cause # 08MT-CC00024, Moniteau County, Missouri, (2010). Passenger sued host driver and insured after cross over accident. Herniated cervical disc and radiculopathy claimed, with future surgery cost of $30,000-$50,000 for physician’s fees and additional amounts for hospital costs. Defense verdict .
  • Bonita Edwards v. Frank Nowicke, Cause No: 07AB-CC00243, Circuit Court of Franklin County, Missouri (2009. Rear end auto accident. Soft tissue injury with $16,000 in specials, and $1,000.00 in property damage. Jury verdict for plaintiff $1,925.00.
  • Ronald and Sharon Litty v. Paulette Bliss, Cause No. 052-00729, Division 20, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2006). Defendant fell asleep while driving and collided with plaintiff Ronald Litty head-on at 30 miles per hour. Defendant was initially diagnosed with 4 compression fractures at T-1, L1, L-2 and L-3, and a herniated disc at L4-5. Plaintiff had an anterior and posterior fusion at L3 through S-1, and a later revision surgery at L5-S-1. Plaintiff was 49 years old and making $60,000 at the time of the accident. He was later found to be totally disabled from his job as a construction foreman. His medical bills were $270,000.00 and his lost wage claim was $754,000.00. Last demand was 1.5 million. Last offer was $160,000.00. Plaintiff’s sought $2,750,000.00 at trial. Jury verdict $20,000 for plaintiff.
  • Teresa Chew, Robert Chew III, Rachel Chew, and Melinda Sanders v. F&C Trucking, L.L.C., Cause No. 103CC2543, Circuit Court Greene County (2006). Action for wrongful death after defendant’s 821C Front Loader, with an inoperative backup alarm, backed up and crushed/killed plaintiffs’ decedent, 45 year old Robert Chew, Jr. Plaintiffs’ proved $614,000 in future wage loss. Verdict for $220,000. Last demand was policy limits of $1,000,000.00. The last offer was $300,000.00.
  • Gretchen Porro v. City Museum I, L.L.C., Cause No. 042-00894, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2006). 21-year-old female college student had two fingers (4 & 5) traumatically amputated, with a third finger (long finger) crushed by defendant’s “puking pig” exhibit. Plaintiff alleged failure to warn of the danger and failure to guard. $300,000 in past and future medical expenses. Plaintiff was an acting student and alleged lost opportunity in the theatre, pain and suffering, and inability to ever wear a wedding ring. Plaintiff will need future surgery to replace one knuckle and has developed traumatic arthritis in the long finger. Plaintiff ‘s total damages found to be $500,000, and allocations of fault were 80% plaintiff, and 20% defendant for a net judgment of $100,000.
  • W.C. Parker and Martha Parker v. The South Broadway Athletic Club and Robert Harris, Cause No. 022-11144, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2006). Wrongful Death Action. 28 year old male sustained a sub-dural hematoma, resulting in brain swelling and death, while practicing and learning how to be a professional wrestling. He was being shown a move called the Power Bomb, which he did perfectly, although at its completion he had seizures and ended up on life support which was later discontinued. His funereal expenses were $4,500.00, his medical bills were $130,000.00. Theories of recovery were negligent supervision, and failure to have decedent checked by a doctor before starting the training regime and allowing decedent to return to the ring after a concussion without a doctor’s release. There were also theories of premises liability due to a defective ring. Defendant’s verdict.
  • John J. Gieselman v. 1635 Washington, LLC, Cause No. 032-01566, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2005). Defendant’s employees were using a cutting torch and it was claimed they started a fire which resulted in partial and full thickness burns to plaintiff’s hand and both legs, approximately 10% of the body surface being burned. Plaintiff was off work for nine weeks and had wage loss of $9,000.00. The burns were treated from August 2002 to March 2003, with $6,000.00 in specials. Last demand was $100,000. Defense verdict.
  • Jack Stufflebeam v. The Dial Corporation, Cause No. 012-8748, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2005). Plaintiff truck driver claimed he was injured when a dock plate at defendant’s warehouse sprang up unexpectedly due to an alleged failure to maintain. Plaintiff had a back fusion at L3-4, had $63,000 in medical bills, claimed he had $488,000 in lost wages and claimed he would never drive again. Demand was $1.1 million. The last offer was $200,000. Verdict was $75,000 which was reduced to $0 after set-off of previous settlement amounts from other defendants.
  • Edwards v. Impey, Cause No. 02CC 003747, Circuit Court Saint Louis County (2005). Rear end auto accident with $60,000 in medical specials with a C5-6 neck fusion and damage to long thoracic nerve claimed. Plaintiff treated continuously from the date of the accident in 1999 through the date of trial. Last demand was $125,000 and last offer was $25,000. Verdict for plaintiff $1,772.00, which was sum of the bills for the initial ER visit and a month of chiropractic treatment.
  • Matthew Meinders v. Pyramid Construction Company, Cause No, 032-00853, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2005). Plaintiff fell through sheathing splice at the peak of a roof on which he was stocking shingles and sustained two torn menisci in his left knee. Medical and surgical bills amounted to $21,000, with lost wages of $2,500. Last offer $35,000. Last demand, $200,000. Verdict on January 26, 2005 for plaintiff. Total damages of $125,000, reduced by 30% for plaintiff’s fault for a judgment of $87,500.
  • Charley and Carolyn Benthal v. Safeco Insurance Company of America, Cause No: 4:03CV01377, U.S.D.C. (E.D. Mo.) (2004). Action on fire insurance policy. Defenses of arson and intentional misrepresentation raised. Defense verdict for Safeco.
  • Tim and Nancy McBride v. Safeco Insurance Company of America, Cause No. 02CC-01343, Circuit Court of Saint Louis County (2004). Insureds sued for breach of contract after fire destroyed home and contents. $300,000 in damages claimed plus vexatious refusal damages and attorney’s fees. Carrier raised arson defense. Defense verdict for Safeco.
  • Douglas Hester v. Pickard Enterprises, d/d/a McDonald’s, Cause No. 01CC004394, Circuit Court of Saint Louis County (2003). A stool collapsed at defendant’s restaurant, and plaintiff has surgeries at C6-7 with fusion and L5-S1 to correct herniated discs at those levels. $37,000 in medical specials and permanent inability to work alleged. Verdict after four days of trial for $5,000.00.
  • Michael Waslylucka, d/b/a Wazco v. West American Insurance Company, Cause No. 002-8405, Circuit Court City of Saint Louis (2003). Commercial fire loss at screen printing company. Total loss. Carrier raised defense of arson. Claimed loss of $585,000.00 in contractual and extra-contractual damages. Defendant’s verdict for West American.
  • Clara Galli v. Joe Garavelli’s Restaurant, Inc., Cause No: 002-8421, Circuit Court City of Saint Louis (2002) a 78 year old female slipped and fell on parking lot, fracturing her hip, which led to a hip replacement. $60,275.00 in past medical bills. Plaintiff alleged broken and uneven asphalt caused the fall. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Vera Teel v. Raks Hospitality, Inc., Cause No: 002-7585, Circuit Court City of Saint Louis (2002). Rear end auto accident. Plaintiff had a herniated disc at C5-6, $10,500 in past medical, $50,000 in future medical costs. Last offer, $18,000.00. Last demand $150,000. Verdict for plaintiff for $7,000.00.
  • Godefroid v. The Keisel Oil Company, Cause No. 002-7769, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (2002) Wrongful death action after defendant truck driver hit 52-year-old pharmacist riding his bike, leaving a spouse and four children as survivors, aged 52 to 7. Last demand was $1,000,000. Verdict for defendant.
  • Glenn, et.al v. Haynes, Cause No. 992-08891, Division 13, Circuit Court, Saint Louis City, (2001). Wrongful death action for death of eight-year-old, and four separate personal injury actions against landlord for death and injury (survivors had $91,000 in medical) resulting from house fire, with decedent and four others trapped in burning boarded up basement with allegation of no smoke detectors. Defendant’s verdict on all five claims.
  • Kevin Terbrock v. Lloyd Alvey, Cause No: 00CV 127572, Circuit Court of Saint Charles, County (2001). Defendant driver collided with a pedestrian causing a fracture of the pedestrian’s tibia and fibula. Rods and nails were used to reduce the fracture. Defendant pled guilty to speeding, 35.9mph in a 25mph residential zone. Verdict for defendant.
  • HD v. Sherwood Forest Camp, Inc., Cause No: 992-7634, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis, Division 11 (2001). Negligent supervision of a camper, allegedly causing gang rape of 13-year-old camper. $1,875,000 was plaintiff’s last demand. Allen Francis, editor of the DSM IV testified for plaintiff. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Anna Audia v. Troy Turnipseed, Circuit Court of Saint Louis County, (2001). Rear end accident, liability not contested. Herniated cervical disc, concussion, $15,000 in specials. Defendant’s verdict.
  • Diane Buatte v. Schnuck Market’s, Inc., Cause No. 992-077922, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis, Division (July 2000). Slip and fall. Three low back surgeries, one neck surgery, $50,000 in medical bills. Demand of $975,000. Verdict for plaintiff for $6,250.00.
  • Joyce and John Wolff v. Economy Fire & Casualty, Cause No: 970-07454, Circuit Court City of Saint Louis (2000). Claim for insurance proceeds due to front brick wall of home collapsing. Defense verdict.
  • Mary Kesnar v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No: 972-1411, Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (1999). Left Femoral Artery transplant, $59,000.00 in specials. Verdict for plaintiff returned on for $140,000.00. Affirmed on appeal.
  • Earline Buckley v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 972-01456, Circuit Court, City of Saint Louis (1999). Trip and fall over bottle of detergent. Broken Elbow. Verdict for plaintiff for $30,000.00.
  • Michael and Lou Ann Ellmer v. Bethany Thompson, Cause No: CV198-6805-CC-J2,Jefferson County Circuit Court (1999). Plaintiff rear-ended by defendant. $67,000.00 in past specials including $40,000.00 for surgery to the jaw. Verdict for $10,000.00. Last offer was $31,000.00.
  • Jason Wagstaff v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No.972-08391. Circuit Court of Saint Louis City, (1999). Slip and fall with fractured ankle. Pins and screws in ankle. Open reduction with $7,300.00 in medical specials. Verdict for $7,300.00.
  • Tim Roldan v. Safeco Insurance Company, Circuit Court of Saint Louis City, (1999). Swimming pool float case. Verdict for $15,000.00.
  • Debra Roffler v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 972-1033. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1999). Represented Schnucks. Slip and fall. Torn medial meniscus. Defendant's verdict.
  • Germetris Bailey a minor by her mother and guardian, Geraldine Williams and Geraldine Williams v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 952-01488. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1998) Retrial of above case. Verdict for plaintiff for $368.00.
  • Germetris Bailey a minor by her mother and guardian, Geraldine Williams and Geraldine Williams v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 952-01488. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1998) Represented Schnucks. Slip and Fall by minor child. Plaintiff's verdict. Motion for New Trial granted, verdict against the weight of the evidence.
  • Dorothy Levinson v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 962-01114. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1997). Represented Schnucks. Herniated disc from slip and fall. Defendant's verdict.
  • Arline Feit, v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 932-00982. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1997). Represented Schnucks. Broken elbow from slip and fall. Defendant's verdict.
  • Belinda Brown v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis (1996). Represented Schnucks. Negligent failure to protect from third party criminal assault. Plaintiff’s verdict, however, JNOV for defendant affirmed on appeal Judgment for defendant.
  • Milton W. Schaeffer v. Matthew McGinty and Krista Stanfield, Cause No. 665558. Circuit Court of the County of Saint Louis. (1996). Represented defendant McGinty. Auto accident. Defendant's verdict.
  • Vorece Brooks v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 922-08882. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1995). Represented Schnucks. Torn medial meniscus from slip and fall. Plaintiff's verdict, $30,000.00.
  • Roy Kilburg v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 910-06328. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis.(1995). Represented Schnucks. Slip and Fall. Defendant's verdict.
  • Maureen A. Thompson v. Schnuck Markets, Inc. and ABA Building Maintenance, Cause No. 912-09288. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis.(1997) Represented Schnucks. Slip and Fall. Plaintiff's verdict, $30,000.00.
  • Eva Humes v. Schnuck Markets, Inc., Cause No. 922-09811. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1997). Represented Schnucks. Lumbar back surgery for herniated disc. Verdict for defendant.
  • Catherine Umbertino v. Safeco National Insurance Company, Cause No. 942-01132. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1997). Represented Safeco. Uninsured motorist coverage claim. Jury verdict in favor of Safeco.
  • Gil Bashani v. Allstate Insurance Company, Cause No. 942-09760. Circuit Court of the City of Saint Louis. (1997) Represented Allstate. Application of "freezing pipes" exclusion. Jury verdict for Allstate.
  • Alan Kastendiek v. Millers Mutual Insurance Company of Alton, Illinois, 945 S.W.2d 35 (Mo. App. 1997). Represented Millers Mutual. Application of Missouri's Valued Policy Statute and interplay with policy's replacement cost provision. Trial court found in favor of Miller's and judgment upheld on appeal.
  • Saint Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company v. Jayesh Kumar Patel, Cause No. 94-699-PJR. United States District Court, Southern District of Illinois, East Saint Louis Division. (1996) Represented Saint Paul. Application of the Concealment and Fraud Clause. Insured claimed in excess of $300,000.00 in wind damages. Jury verdict for Saint Paul.
  • Romeo Rosetti v. Illinois Employers of Wausau, Cause No. 658982. (1996). Circuit Court of Saint Louis County. Represented Illinois Employers. Arson defense raised. Jury verdict for Illinois Employers.
  • Prudential Property and Casualty Company v. Julia Scott, Cause No. 4:94CV 0113 TIA. United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri. (1995). Represented Prudential. Arson defense and concealment and Misrepresentation clause. Verdict for insured.
  • John R. Pankey v. Midwest Mutual Insurance Company, Cause No. 93CV04177 United States District Court, Southern District of Illinois, Benton Division. (1995). Represented Midwest Mutual. Arson and concealment and fraud clause raised. Verdict for Midwest Mutual.
  • 6539 Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Nick's Restaurant and Lounge v. American Employer's Insurance Company, Cause No. 94-L-13. Circuit Court for the 4th Judicial Circuit, Effingham County, Illinois. (1995). Represented American Employers. Application of actual cash value provision, time of payment clause, intentional acts exclusion (arson) and failure to comply with conditions. Judgment for insured, however, court cut claim in half, found insured did not comply with conditions and directed judgment on vexatious claim, and held no pre-judgment interest allowed.

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  • Author, "Tortious Wrongful Discharge vs. Employment At Will," St. Louis Bar Journal (1989)



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