As a newly formed trial firm, Watters Wolf Bub Hansman has dedicated itself to maintaining the core values of inclusion, equity and diversity and to embrace them as founding tenets. As a trial focused law firm, WWBH is committed to recruiting and hiring the very best trial lawyers from diverse and varying backgrounds.  WWBH realizes that in order to put together the best team of trial lawyers, diverse viewpoints and perspectives provides the strongest opportunity to realize optimal results in trial for our clients.

With the establishment of WWBH, the firm identified expanding its diversity basis as one of its goals and is doing so through both internal and external education, recruitment and retention. Jackie Kinder, as the Chairperson of the Equity and Diversity in the Law Committee has developed a one-year plan with the objective of finding and recruiting the best lawyers that would add diverse backgrounds to the WWBH team.

“Working towards a truly diverse working environment assists in fostering a meaningful work experience and is a core value that the firm believes will add strength to the trial team here at WWBH.  This value will be part of the firm culture to provide a working environment where everyone is a valued member of the team.” 
JACKIE KINDER, Chair of the Equity and Diversity Committee

At WWBH we have a culture that provides for all members of our team, including lawyers and staff, the opportunity to make meaningful contributions by playing key roles in the representation of our clients and being part of the trial team.   This diversity of thoughts and backgrounds adds strength to the trial team and builds the foundation for successful results.

“Our commitment to form a trial firm with a culture that welcomes diversity of thought is critical in putting together the best team for our clients.  Providing opportunities strengthens both our team of trial lawyers and our community.”
– RUSSELL WATTERS, Managing Principal and Founding Member

As part of this commitment WWBH has pledged to give back to our community by encouraging members to provide community service and become a part of diverse organizations in both the legal community and the community at large.   This approach ensures that WWBH remains aware of areas of concern in the community as it relates to equality for those affected by the legal system and issues of inclusion and equal opportunity.