Arson-Fraud Litigation


According to the most recent statistics, insurance fraud is a 250 to 300 billion per year global problem.  Fraudsters are continually searching for new and improved ways to scam insurance carriers.  Insurance fraud occurs across all types of insurance and all lines of coverage.  Fraudulent claims result in increased premiums to honest consumers and can undermine the insurance process. With over 35 years of experience, our firm’s Arson-Fraud attorneys are leaders in litigating arson and fraud claims on behalf of the insurance industry on a national and regional basis.

The lawyers in the Arson-Fraud Group have devoted their careers to combating insurance fraud of all types.  Our lawyers have tried more than 200 cases to verdict, including receiving the largest arson-fraud related verdict ever in Missouri.  In addition to litigating claims involving arson and fraud, the lawyers in the Arson-Fraud Practice Group are regularly retained by SIU investigators and insurance claims professionals to provide guidance and counsel on pending claims.  Our lawyers routinely provide advice and recommendations on the proper investigation and handling of claims involving suspected arson or fraud.  The group’s lawyers draft reservation of rights letters, conduct examinations under oath, and provide coverage opinions.  Our lawyers also make recommendations to clients regarding the retention of independent and competent forensic experts in multiple disciplines, including fire origin and cause, engineering, chemistry, accounting, accident reconstruction, and biomechanics.  The lawyers in the Arson-Fraud Practice Group understand that the key to success is a competent, thorough, and objective claim investigation.

The group’s lawyers are leaders in educating the insurance industry, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, about insurance fraud. The group publishes a comprehensive treatise, Arson, Fraud and First-Party Insurance Law, which is relied on by insurance professionals nationwide. The group also reports cases, legal updates and events of significance to the firm’s clients in a quarterly newsletter. Our lawyers are also frequent lecturers to IASIU, ICAC, and NSPII.  In addition, they serve as facilitators for the International Association of Arson Investigators Courtroom Technology Project and are involved in training various government and private arson task forces throughout the Midwest.

Our Arson-Fraud Litigation Attorneys