Premises & Retail Liability


Businesses and landowners face law high exposure lawsuits ranging from slip-and-fall accidents to violent crimes on their premises. Our Premises and Retail Liability group represents clients ranging from the home or farm owner to some of the largest retail chains and restaurants in the Midwest, as well as many of the major shopping centers and landlords.

Our lawyers have argued cases leading to precedent-setting appellate court decisions in the State of Missouri outlining the duties and responsibilities of landowners to their business invitees. These cases include the general duty of a landowner or business owner to tenants and business invitees on the premises and the duty of a business invitee to protect invitees on the premises from third-party criminal acts.  Our advocacy in establishing a legal duty on the part of the landowner has resulted in the law becoming more favorable for landowners in Missouri.

Our lawyers have tried hundreds of premises and retail cases saving their clients tens of millions of dollars. Our experience includes the following types of cases, criminal acts on involving injury and death, sexual assaults, false arrest, malicious prosecution and slip and falls.

The firm represents organizations and entities such as day care centers and youth camps in matters related to allegations of failure to supervise and sexual molestation by employees.

Our Premises & Retail Liability Attorneys