Product Liability


Our trial lawyers who concentrate on products liability law represent manufacturers, distributors and retailers and have tried cases involving products ranging from heavy industrial equipment to boats, household appliances, and fire suppression systems. 

The lawyers in the Product Liability Group focus on protecting the integrity of manufactured products and are proactive in proving the integrity of both the design and manufacturing process employed by our clients. Questions of potential liability involve issues such as state-of-the-art, knowledge of danger, prior injuries, testing, inspections, warnings, labels, marketing literature, recommended pre- and post-accident changes, quality control, consumer expectation, and risk-versus-utility analysis.

Our lawyers work closely with the client to become intimately knowledgeable and familiar with the product and its manufacturer.  Our trial lawyers visit the manufacturing facility and interview the key in-house personnel as to the rationale for any design, warning, instructions and language used in owners and instruction manuals. The lawyers always work in conjunction with risk managers and corporate counsel to identify the company representative who will best meet the needs of the case and retain best available outside experts.

After the initial stages of the investigation the lawyers in the Product Liability  Group provide an analysis of the case at the earliest possible time and, in conjunction with the client’s  corporate counsel and risk managers, establish early on a proactive approach for  the defense of the clients product.  Over the course of any lawsuit our trail lawyers work closely with the client to identify any issues that may enable the client to avoid future litigation.

Our Product Liability Attorneys