Our team of civil racketeering trial lawyers have years of experience representing some of the largest insurers in the country when it comes to investigating and combatting—through litigation or other methods—widespread schemes of fraud and criminal activity the RICO statutes were designed to address. Considering these schemes often harm companies in ways far beyond the immediate monies stolen through fraudulent schemes, the RICO statutes’ triple damages provisions have been instrumental in our quest to make our clients whole and achieve a successful resolution for the client either before a lawsuit if filed on their behalf or after the suit is actually filed on the clients behalf. 

Our clients understand that some people and lawyers use the litigation process as a means to extract money with the threat of major litigation costs and the risks of an outsized jury verdict. Our experience in prosecuting RICO actions gives us a unique perspective and ability to identify the weaknesses of a RICO claim, presenting the opportunity to dispose of meritless claims with a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment when our clients are the victim of a frivolous RICO lawsuit.

Our seasoned team of RICO lawyers will strategically approach your case to secure the best possible result by guiding the client through the of investigation stage to uncover and memorialize systematic fraud, use of data collection and analysis to identify and present patterns of activity reflective of fraud, whether performed by medical personnel, auto glass shops, auto body shops, water mitigation specialists, or any number of businesses frequently involved in insurance claims, strategically advising on pre-litigation efforts to obtain remedies for clients through creative agreements designed to address the needs of our clients while minimizing litigation risks and costs, and initiating litigation if necessary to vindicate our clients’ rights and put a stop to the organized wrongdoing causing them harm.

Our RICO trial lawyer team has experience handling these claims in a wide array of industries and could surely assist you if you are the victim of racketeering activity or have been accused of engaging in that activity.

Our RICO Law Attorneys