Our Subrogation Attorneys Group concentrates on fire and subrogation-related matters. The lawyers of the firm who concentrate in this area are seasoned trial lawyers in large-exposure, catastrophic-type subrogation claims. Our lawyers work closely with clients on a national, regional and local basis from the day a disaster occurs. They help in the directing the crucial early investigation and advising the client in the intricacies of the laws that may affect ultimate recovery and employs national and regionally recognized experts to determine the cause of the damage. Experts including cause and origin, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, accounting and investigators can respond within 24 hours.

The lawyers in this group are well known and have a good working relationship with public officials. By getting in early and working with the authorities and qualified and respected experts, our clients determine the actual cause of any loss early in the investigation and in may instance lead to an early resolution.

Our Subrogation Attorneys