Trucking & Transportation


Our experienced team of trial lawyers in the Trucking & Transportation Group is accessible on a 24-hour response time basis for on-scene investigation, protection and consultation. We have a network of accident reconstruction experts, independent adjusters, and property appraisers available for response to any catastrophic accident. When necessary, we have criminal defense lawyers that can be referred to the client who will respond and committed to service the client at all hours.

The trucking defense attorneys in this group represent for-hire and private truck load and LTL carriers in the State and Federal courts. The firm also hosts an annual seminar and our lawyers in this group have training and experience in computer-assisted drawings and demonstrative simulations (PC Crash), Biomechanics and injury causation, cargo claims, including Carmack Amendment issues, the use and preservation of electronic control modules (ECMs), air bag control modules (ABMs), telematics, and electronic logging devices (ELDs), accident reconstruction techniques, and advanced trial techniques, including focus groups use, social media searches and combating “reptile” techniques.

Our Trucking & Transportation Attorneys