Defense of Trucking Company in High Exposure Case Results in Favorable Verdict

In age of huge damage awards being handed down by juries in trucking company cases David Bub and Tyler Finnegan recently defended a highly contested trucking case over damages in a week-long trial before a St. Louis County jury. The plaintiff underwent a four-level disc replacement surgery in his neck following the accident with $400,000 in current medical costs and had a surgical recommendation for a future two-level disc replacement to the low back with an estimated cost of over $200,000.  He had also claimed he had lost one year of employment. Despite lack of participation in the case by the driver who could not be found and rulings by the court that precluded arguing liability, David and Tyler persevered in the case by focusing on the inflated damages and questionable nature of the plaintiff’s medical causation evidence. Plaintiff was seeking $8 million in closing, but the jury returned a verdict of only $1.5 million; less than one-fifth of Plaintiff’s demanded amount at trial.