Defense Verdict in $5,000,000 Dram Shop Case

Jackie Kinder and her partner, Brendon Sanders, tried a dram shop case in Pettis County against a bar that was sued for allegedly serving 54 drinks to a table of patrons in a few hour period, when the Defendant, who was one of the patrons at the table, drove his vehicle into a tree and seriously injured his passenger after leaving the bar.  His blood alcohol content ended up being over two times the legal limit.  The Plaintiff was life flighted from the scene, suffered bilateral femur fractures, and head injuries.  She presented a life care plan in the millions of dollars.  Plaintiff asked the jury for an award against the bar in the amount of $5,000,025.00.  After a two-week trial, including extensive expert witness testimony, a unanimous verdict was returned in favor of the defense.