Favorable Verdict Brought In On Construction Negligence Claim

After a week-long jury trial in Warren County Circuit Court, Brandon Copeland and Grace Olson obtained a favorable result for their clients – a construction company and its owner.

Plaintiff alleged that the company negligently installed her in-ground swimming pool resulting in damage to her property and leaving her with a large pool in her backyard that was completely inoperable. Prior to trial, the Plaintiff had demanded $300,000 for damages and attorneys’ fees and at the close of evidence asked the jury to award her $200,000.00. In pre-trial negotiations, the Plaintiff was offered $75,000.00.

During the course of the trial, Brandon and Grace obtained a Directed Verdict for the owner of the company on all counts. At the close of the trial, the jury returned a verdict for Plaintiff only on her count for Negligence in the amount of $50,000.00 and a verdict in favor of the Defendant company on Plaintiff’s Missouri Merchandising Practices Act claims. As a result, Plaintiff cannot receive an award for her attorneys’ fees or punitive damages.