Jury Rejects $6 Million Mold Case Demand, Rules in Favor of Defendants

A $6,000,000 demand the Friday before trial goes unanswered by the jury in a recent mold case tried by Jackie Kinder in St. Charles County, where the result was a complete defense verdict.  The plaintiff leased commercial property where she claims mold had been growing for years, resulting in personal injuries to her.  The plaintiff sued the landlord, the property management company who Jackie represented at trial, and the owner of both companies individually.  Plaintiff claimed the complex where her unit was, a shopping center owned and managed by the Defendants in St. Charles County, had water leaks and water problems for the 8 years the Defendants owned and managed it, resulting in mold in her unit.  The plaintiff claimed the Defendants never fixed the problems, ignored tenants’ complaints, and cared more about money than responding to the tenants.  The plaintiff alleged as a result of years of mold exposure she suffered from chronic fatigue, headaches, allergic reactions, severe sinus issues, joint pain, cardiac issues, respiratory issues, and brain fog as a result.  She put on evidence of $300,000 of alleged damages, including losses in her business for not being able to continue the business due to the condition of the unit and her injuries.  The Defendants jointly offered the Plaintiff $85,000 in response to Plaintiff’s $6,000,000 demand.  After a four-day jury trial in St. Charles County, the jury awarded a verdict in favor of the Defendants and awarded Plaintiff nothing.