Judgment Secured on Behalf of Car Dealer in Warranty and Lemon Law Lawsuit

In a lawsuit filed against the WWBH client car dealer for Breach of Warranty and violation of the Missouri Lemon Law, Jackie Kinder and Josh Kolb convinced the trial court to enter summary judgment on behalf the WWBH client in the Western District of Missouri Federal Court. Plaintiff sued to require the car dealer to repurchase the $280,000 Bentley automobile sold to the Plaintiff that plaintiff claimed was defective. Plaintiff purchased a 2022 Bentley Flying Spur from the car dealer and claimed that it immediately needed repairs to the fuel pump and control module. The car dealer made the repairs and compensated Plaintiff pursuant to a settlement agreement and release which released those claims. The Court found that the settlement agreement barred any claims that Plaintiff had for other alleged defects that existed before the settlement was entered into by the parties. The court further held the remaining repairs claimed were repaired pursuant to the warranty or were covered by the written warranty and thus there was no evidence to support a breach of warranty claim or lemon law claim arising out of those repairs or alleged defects. Judgement was entered for the defendant car dealer.

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