Obtained Victory for Contractor Defending Against $1,200,000 Claim in Construction Defect Arbitration

After nearly a week-long arbitration proceeding, Lucas Ude obtained a successful award for his contractor client in a construction defect case involving more than $1,200,000 in damages being sought from Lucas’ contractor client. The claimed damages arose from alleged construction and installation defects on multiple large commercial buildings on which the contractor had installed new roofs. In addition to general defect and leak claims, the property owner sought complete replacements of roofs at two properties for which the cost of replacement alone would have exceeded $1,100,000.00. The evidence was complex and involved the testimony of several experts. In addition to the aforementioned damages, the property owner also sought to recover attorneys’ fees and other damages. At the conclusion of the arbitration, Lucas secured a favorable arbitration award for his client and his client was declared to be the prevailing party and, as such, was awarded attorney’s fees and costs of the arbitration.